Emmy award winning writer, director and creator Mitchell Kriegman has been on the forefront of children’s entertainment for over 20 years. 

    After beginning his career as a performer, short story writer (for the New Yorker and National Lampoon, among others), Kriegman went on to write and make short films for Saturday Night Live in the early eighties.

   Kriegman then became one of the early ground breakers for Nickelodeon, where he was a story and development editor for their signature animation series, including Rugrats, Doug and Ren and Stimpy. He created his first original series for the network, the quirky and intelligent sitcom Clarissa Explains it All, which was a huge hit for Nick and is still currently in syndication. Clarissa was not only well received by critics but also proved to be a unique series that appealed to boys as well as girls and in many ways was ahead of its time as an adolescent sitcom.

   Kriegman’s accolades in children’s television continued with Bear in the Big Blue House, a series he created for Disney in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company. An international hit both critically and commercially, four seasons and over a hundred episodes of Bear have been produced to date. Bear earned Kriegman two Emmys for Best Direction as well as the prestigious Directors Guild Award.

   Kriegman continued to push the envelope creatively with his next project, The Book of Pooh, a redevelopment of the classic property for Disney. This series marked Kriegman’s first use of “Shadowmation,” a unique, patented production technique that combines a 300 year old form of animatronic puppetry called Bun-Raku with CGI animation, creating a lush, 3D environment. This innovative technique brings the spontaneity and warmth of live-action performance to the realm of CG production, allowing for more warmth and character definition than is usually possible in CG. “Shadowmation” also circumvents the laborious CG animation process, which can take up to four years for a single project, permitting directors to shoot and package a television series or film in a third of the time and at a reduced budget.

   Kriegman now lives in Wainscott NY, where he has opened Wainscott Studios, a 10,000 sq ft. bluescreen/greenscreen HD digital production studio, and produced the first season of his new PBS KIDS series, It’s a Big Big World. Geared toward preschoolers, It’s a Big Big World opens up the world of science and the environment for kids and their parents, emphasizing the joy of discovery, while providing viewers with a relaxed, Zen-like guide in a giant sloth named Snook.  With 40 episodes of It’s a Big Big World completed and a second season on the horizon, and with several other projects in development, Kriegman and Wainscott Studios continue to be on the cutting edge of children’s television and film.


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